Kindergarten & Grade 1 - Super Jew Super You!

Morah Cheryl Perez – “Morah Cheryl Perez is a proud member of the Chabad of Chula Vista community and has a passion for teaching young children. She was a Hebrew school assistant last session at Chabad and loved every minute of it. She is so excited to help create a meaningful and rich experience for the students, just like she had when she was a Hebrew school student!”
Morah Nora – “My name is Nora Taratuta. I’m originally from Argentina. I was a teacher until I retired. I have been involved and volunteered at different Jewish organizations. Most importantly,
I’m the proud grandma to 6 wonderful grandkids and 2 step grandkids!!!!!!!”

Grades 2-5 –  Israel Quest

  Morah Chaya Faulk – “Hi everyone! My name is Chaya and I just recently moved to San Diego! I love spending my free time exploring new places and things. I am super passionate about Jewish Education as well as working with kids to help them grow into and see their own greatness! Looking forward to an awesome year ahead!”

Grades 6-8 – Israel Quest

  Morah Mussie Begun – “Hi there. My name is Mussie and I wear lots of different hats! On Sunday’s I am known as Hebrew School director and I will be teaching the oldest class in our Hebrew School while overseeing the entire program. I love being able to give the Jewish kids in Chula Vista a place where they can learn about their Jewish heritage and build up their Jewish Pride thru creative expression and hands-on learning!”